Braveridge Co., Ltd. will start selling the Sigfox modem module "BVMSGF923SS" for IoT devices and the new concept development board SonicBoard Sigfox "FBV-EVK-SGF923SS" equipped with this module from September 2020.

Both products are equipped with STMicroelectronics' ultra-low power consumption RF transceiver "S2-LPQTR".

Sigfox Modem Module "BVMSGF923SS"


The Sigfox module "BVMSGF923SS" is an ultra-low power consumption Sigfox modem module equipped with STMicroelectronics' RF transceiver "S2-LPQTR". The newly developed board Sonic Board Sigfox "FBV-EVK-SGF923SS" equipped with this module will also be released at the same time.

The interface uses UART and can be easily controlled and developed by the MCU used by the user. In addition, since we have obtained the Japan Radio Law and the latest Sigfox Verified RC3c P1 certification, we can develop and manufacture Sigfox devices with peace of mind in the future.

Sigfox is one of the power-saving wide-area wireless communications suitable for IoT / M2M called LPWA (Low Power Wide Area), and features low cost, low power consumption, and long-distance transmission using the license-free 920MHz band. It is suitable for collecting small volumes of sensor data that does not require frequent data transmission, and has the feature of very low communication costs.

Braveridge is working on a wide range of communications for IoT, such as Sigfox, which is LPWA in the 920MHz band, LTE-M, which is a cellular LPWA, and Bluetooth®︎Low Energy, and proposes options and uses according to the application.

  • Sigfox modem module with STMicroelectronics RF transceiver "S2-LPQTR"
  • Sigfox Verified RC3c P1 certification / Radio Law certification
  • Size: W 11.0 mmx D 15.0 mmx H 2.3 mm
  • Sales start: Scheduled for September 2020

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SonicBoard Sigfox "FBV-EVK-SGF923SS"


This is the third new product in Braveridge's newly developed board "Sonic Board" series equipped with the Sigfox module "BVMSGF923SS".

The SonicBoard series is a development board with an epoch-making concept that can significantly shorten the development period of IoT devices and reduce development costs. Because Braveridge publishes the reference source code and reference circuit diagram (*) in an editable state.

The circuit diagram of each SonicBoard is published in a project file format that can be edited with the electronic CAD software Quadcept. (Scheduled for October)

The device circuit can be configured by simply wiring and connecting each SonicBoard such as the SonicBoard GNSS and SonicBoard BLE models, SonicBoard LTE-M that have already been announced, SonicBoard Wi-Fi to be announced in the future, and various sensor boards. You can start developing software right away, even before.

This product is equipped with an antenna, power supply circuit, and USB serial conversion circuit. Since the program, ID, and PAC have been written at the time of shipment from the factory, communication can be confirmed immediately. (Registration required for Sigfox Cloud)

  • Equipped with Sigfox modem module "BVMSGF923SS" using S2-LP made by STMicroelectronics
  • Sigfox Verified RC3c P1 certification / Radio Law certification
  • Size: W 125.5mm x D 45mm x H 12mm
  • Sales start: Scheduled for September 2020

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■ Comments from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Co., Ltd.
Country Manager for Japan Hiroshi Noguchi

Braveridge, which has created innovative modules and applications in the IoT field, is pleased to announce the release of the innovative Sigfox module, leveraging ST's wireless IC technical support and ST's low-power RF transceiver IC. We believe that this new Sigfox module will provide new value to our customers and further accelerate the spread of IoT.