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Sigfox modem module equipped with RF transceiver "S2-LPQTR" manufactured by STMicroelectronics. BVMSGF923SS.png


The Sigfox module "BVMSGF923SS" is an ultra-low power consumption 920MHz band Sigfox modem module equipped with RF transceiver "S2-LPQTR" manufactured by STMicroelectronics.

The interface uses UART and can be easily controlled and developed by the MCU used by the user.In addition, since we have obtained the Japan Radio Law and the latest Sigfox Verified RC3c P1 certification, you can develop and manufacture Sigfox devices with peace of mind in the future.

Sigfox is one of the power-saving wide-area wireless communications suitable for IoT / M2M called LPWA (Low Power Wide Area). It is a communication method that features low cost, low power consumption, and long-distance transmission using the license-free 920MHz band. It is suitable for collecting small volumes of sensor data that does not require frequent data transmission, and has the feature of extremely low communication costs.

Braveridge is working on a wide range of communications for IoT, such as Sigfox, which is LPWA in the 920MHz band, LTE-M, which is a cellular LPWA, and Bluetooth®️ Low Energy, and proposes options and uses according to the application.


Installed Chip Ultra low power consumption RF transceiver "S2-LPQTR" manufactured by STMicroelectronics
Certification Sigfox Verified RC3c P1, Japan Radio Law Certified
Frequency 923.20MHz(uplink) 922.20MHz(downlink)
Transmission Power
(terminal output)
Software control : +9dBm
Operating Voltage 1.8 to 3.6v (Typ:3.0V)
Antenna External antenna
*Various antennas certified by the Radio Law of Japan can be used. Please contact us for details.
Host Interface UART(4pin)
Firmware writing SEGGER Port(2pin)
Size W: 11.0mm x D: 15.0 mm x H: 2.3mm

For details, please see the product specification.




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