Braveridge Co., Ltd. will start selling the GNSS module "BVMGPS5605S" and the SonicBoard GNSS "FBV-EVK-GPS5605S" equipped with the module from August 20, 2020.
Both products are equipped with Sony Semiconductor Solutions' GNSS receiving LSI "CXD5605GF".

SonicBoard: Braveridge's new concept development board series.

GNSS module "BVMGPS5605S"


"BVMGPS5605S" is a multi-GNSS receiver module equipped with Sony Semiconductor Solutions' GNSS receiver LSI "CXD5605GF" that achieves the industry's smallest level of low power consumption operation.

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  • Size: W 11.0mm x D 7.5mm x H 1.85mm
  • Supported satellites: GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS, BeiDou, Galileo
  • Sales start: August 20, 2020

SonicBoard GNSS "FBV-EVK-GPS5605S"


This is the first product in Braveridge's newly developed board "Sonic Board" series equipped with the latest developed GNSS module "BVMGPS5605S".

The SonicBoard series is an epoch-making newly developed board that enables immediate start of device software development, significantly shortens the device development period, and reduces development costs.

This product is equipped with an antenna, power supply circuit, and USB serial conversion circuit. The interface can be selected from UART / I2C / USB.

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  • Equipped with multi-GNSS reception module "BVMGPS5605S"
  • Size: W 15.0mm x D 100.05mm x H 8.8mm
  • Sales start: August 20, 2020