Braveridge Co., Ltd. will form a business alliance with Quadcept Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Masahiro Kato, hereinafter "Quadcept"). Braveridge will release the circuit diagram of the communication module development board "SonicBoard" series to be released in the future in the Quadcept project file format of electronic CAD, and can significantly shorten the design of electric circuits and firmware in communication device development. Provide the environment to the user.

■New concept developed board "Sonic Board" series

Braveridge plans to release the newly development Board "Sonic Board" series that supports each communication module such as Bluetooth®︎Low Energy, LTE-M, GPS, Sigfox, and Wi-Fi.
Each SonicBoard has built-in basic peripherals (buttons, LEDs, charging circuit, USB interface, etc.).
All input / output ports of various SoC chips can be freely used, and the basic circuit is completed simply by connecting the external functional part such as the sensor board selected by the user to the input / output port of SonicBoard.
It is devised so that software developers can start development immediately before the prototype of the board is completed.
We will also disclose the reference source code for operating each board.

■Published SonicBoard schematic

Braveridge, in collaboration with Quadcept, publishes the schematics of each of these SonicBoards in a project file format that can be edited with the electronic CAD software Quadcept.
The user can complete the user's own schematic by simply reflecting the actual wiring that connects the SonicBoard and the sensor board in the test as it is in the Quadcept schematic. Delete unused circuits from the schematic. The schematic is now complete and you can start board layout right away.

■Significantly shorten the communication device development period and reduce development costs

You can get the following benefits by using SonicBoard and the electronic CAD software Quadcept.

  • Quickly complete electrical circuit board design in IoT device development
  • By using the reference firmware, the firmware design can be made faster.
  • It is possible to significantly shorten the communication device development period and reduce development costs.

The Braveridge new homepage scheduled to be released this summer will also disclose the know-how of electronic circuit design.
If Braveridge's recently announced new IoT platform "BraveGATE" is a platform that shortens the development period of the entire cloud IoT system, Quadcept project file release and new development board "SonicBoard" can be said to be a platform that shortens the hardware development period in IoT system development.

Both Quadcept and Braveridge will improve the IoT device design and development environment, support the early commercialization of IoT services, the realization of low development costs, and the promotion and activation of the IoT industry.

Each product in the SonicBoard series will be announced sequentially from the end of July 2020.

■Comment from Quadcept 

Mr. Masahiro Kato, Representative of Quadcept Co., Ltd.
We sincerely welcome Braveridge's release and free provision of the circuit diagram of the "Sonic Board" series. We develop and provide electronic CAD "Quadcept" for circuit design and board design, and it is used by a wide range of companies because it has high functionality, low price, and supports remote work.
In response to the recent trend of IoT, IoT products are being developed by a wide range of companies regardless of industry such as medical care and agriculture, in addition to the electrical and electronic industries. We are confident that this initiative with Braveridge will be a great solution for user companies to significantly shorten the design development period, improve design efficiency, and accelerate business development.
Quadcept has been developing electronic CAD and services for designers, but we will continue to focus on development that will further strengthen cooperation with Braveridge and improve the efficiency of our customers' design work. 
Quadcept Co., Ltd.