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Development board of multi-GNSS receiver module "BVMGPS5605S", incorporating GNSS receiver LSI "CXD5605GF" manufactured by Sony Semiconductor Solutions.


A brand new concept of a development board with multi-GNSS receiver module "BVMGPS5605S" that offers the lowest operation power consumption, incorporating GNSS receiver LSI "CXD5605GF" manufactured by Sony Semiconductor Solutions.  

The SonicBoard GNSS "FBV-EVK-GPS5605S" incorporates Braveridge's original *Dipole Antenna instead of the commonly used Patch Antenna. This allows a wider range of reception from GNSS satellites and overcomes the disadvantages of using patch antennas. Please experience the capabilities of the GNSS module "BVGPS5605S" employing "CXD5605GF".

*In the recent IoT solutions, dynamic usages are increasing (applications in which the board and antenna are not always facing the apex).  Braveridge recommends GNSS dipole antennas for dynamic usages. We also offer Braveridge Antenna Services to support your product designing using dipole antennas.

SonicBoard series is an epoch-making newly developed board that is made to kickstart the software development and significantly cut the device's development lead time and costs. It includes an antenna, a power supply circuit, and a USB serial converter circuit. Various interfaces can be used: UART, I2C, and USB. 

Many more SonicBoard series are planned to be launched which enable software development readily with a simple wiring: Bluetooth®Low Energy, LTE-M, Sigfox, and Wi-Fi.    

Braveridge will release the schematic diagram of SonicBoards by a project file format instead of a PDF file. The project file will enable users to speed up their circuit development.


Installed module Multi-GNSS receiver module BVMGPS5605S
Satellite GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS, BeiDou, Galileo
Operating Voltage 1.71 to 1.89V
Antenna Dipole Antenna (external antenna can also be used by connecting a coaxial connector with a switch)
Host Interface I2C, UART
Built-in NV Memory 8Mbit
External FLASH ROM interface *8Mbit NV Memory is built-in, but external FLASH boot is also possible.
Board size W: 15.0mm x D: 101.05mm x H: 8.8mm
Included items 1 Micro-USB cable, 10 test wires, 1 pin header (1 x 40), 3 jumper pins, 3 pan head screws, 3 steel spacers

For details, please see the product specification.

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.


CAD data in project file format that can be edited with the electronic CAD software "Quadcept".

Quadcept Project File




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